The beta version of rhetoric.io is at http://beta.rhetoric.io/

You can also view the app’s repository on GitHub and follow @rhetoric_io on Twitter.


rhetoric.io is a boutique data repository for writing studies and related fields. The mission of this project is to provide an institutionally independent, centralized location for writing researchers to make their own datasets public. By publicizing our datasets, other researchers as well as the non-academic public can find and further writing research through analysis, remix, visualizations, and other uses of boutique data.

Work Plan

In the first phase of rhetoric.io, the repository will be distributed, pointing outward to owners’ data sets. To do that, the advisory team is working on the following milestones:

In the second phase, the repository will serve as a sustainable data storage venue suitable for federal granting agencies so that writing researchers can create redundant data sets for long-term preservation.

Dataset Examples

During phase one of rhetoric.io, the advisory committee is drawing on datasets they have access to (and potentially others) to fine-tune the JSON mark-up that will be distributed as the tagging guideline for the repository. Some of these datasets include:

Additional possible datasets

Advisory Board (alphabetical order)